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Beautifully Maintained

Pruitt Park Townhomes

In Texas, it’s popular to live in a townhouse. It’s often hard though, to find one in a quiet neighborhood. There are many available on busy streets surrounded by younger tenants, which makes the noise level high. Pruitt Park Townhomes are popular because they’re so quiet. Mostly older people live here, so the noise level is very low and the neighborhood is quiet.


Pruitt Park Townhomes

Live in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood in a home you're proud of!

  • Outdoor Pool

  • Fitness Center

  • Pool Clubhouse

  • 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom

Townhouse Features

You deserve to live in a home that is well taken care of. You should be proud of where you live, not embarrassed. Our townhouses are simply stunning and we take the time to maintain them. We want every one of our tenants to be happy, so we make sure our townhomes are in immaculate condition. If you’re interested in learning more about our beautiful townhouses, or would like to see one, we encourage you to get in touch!